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Welcome to Salt Studios
Recording Studio Melbourne
Albums, EPs, Voice Over, Demos, Live Recordings

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Salt Studio is a recording studio in Melbourne, Australia. Our state-of-the-art production facility has a relaxed and comfortable feel that allows the client to enjoy their time in the studio. Established in 2001 we remain one of Melbourne’s premier recording and audio production services read more...

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The “New Media” age is well upon us and the demand for new content to be produced has increased ten fold. Website and Web app audio has created a massive demand for quality voice over recordings and post production. A quality voice over recording can be the make or break read more...

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U-Drive is an exciting studio lease arrangement offered at Salt Studios. It lets you lease studio time (without an engineer) at amazing wholesale rates. You then have a full 12-month period in which to use your time. This is ideal for the ever growing number read more...