Recording & Music Studio Hire

What is uDrive?

uDrive is a short or ongoing long term studio lease arrangement that lets you lease studio time (without an engineer) at wholesale rates. This is ideal for the ever growing number of studio engineers / producers that work from home or spread their working projects across multiple facilities. Get access to our online studio booking calendar and confirm your client sessions on the spot. There’s no need to incur the expensive costs anymore of maintaining a professional recording studio.

uDrive lease arrangements come in 50 or 100 hr blocks and monthly payment plans are available. uDrive is also available to recently graduated audio engineering students who require a professional working environment to develop their career.

Benefits of uDrive

Present your own business from a professional environment
No bills or maintenance of studio equipment
Ideal inner suburban location
Great restaurants and café’s right outside the front door
Convenient public transport access
All the latest DAW software
Vintage analogue console and outboard equipment
Extensive classic microphone collection
Get access to our online studio booking calendar
Hi speed wifi internet access
U Drive

uDrive places are limited and uDrive leaseholders are subject to a recording engineer skills assessment. Personal Audio Training sessions are available for skills development.

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