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Voiceover Recording

Salt Studios Voiceover Recording

Salt Studios is the perfect location in Melbourne to record Voiceover. Our studios have a relaxed and creative feel and are easy to get to with ample parking nearby.

Other features include natural light and clear sightlines into the control room as well as a large screen video monitor for sync to film voiceover sessions.

We have a range of quality microphones and preamps to capture all voice types, and our experienced engineers know how to record quality audio signals and are proficient in meeting tight production deadlines. We work effectively with other Post Production houses across Australia, S.E Asia, USA, NZ, Canada and the UK.

We specialise in recording Voiceover for

  • Radio and TV Ads,
  • Web Audio and Podcasts
  • Documentaries and Foley for Film.
  • Relaxation and Meditation
  • On-hold Voice & Music Messaging
  • Interactive Voice Response (I.V.R)
  • Voiceover Talent Showreels
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Audio & Video Post Production

Audio post production is the production of audio that is synchronized with video. This includes ADR, Foley, Music, and voiceover while video production is the art and service of creating content and delivering a finished video product. We employ only the finest editors and engineers to work on your projects, and our newly upgraded post production suite guarantees a quality result every time.

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Online Recording

Connect Worldwide

We now offer high-quality audio and video connections over the Internet for production and post-production using Source Connect. We provide uncompressed audio workflows including built-in Remote Transport Sync for working with local or streamed HD picture and sound allowing your clients to review work in real time.

Salt Studios Online Recording

Live Streaming

We offer direct from the studio live streaming services. Invite guests and fans to live recording sessions, interview streams or live online radio shows. Ideal for musicians and corporate clients wanting to reach a wider audience. We provide registration logistics, attendance reports. and an edited video recording.

Conference Recording

Our location recording expertise and equipment makes capturing the Audio and Video of your next conference or presentation stress-free and easy. We offer a turnkey solution that includes planning and logistics, to Multi-device capture, post production and upload of final content to ad-free video playback portals on the internet for streaming. Short and long term packages are available.

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