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Melbourne’s premier recording studio

Salt Studios has been at the forefront of the Melbourne music scene since 2001. In this time, thousands of Studio and live recordings have left our facility to make their way onto airwaves across Australia and the World.

We have an experienced team of professional engineers, producers, and musicians available to work with you on your next project. We also understand that it doesn’t cost a fortune these days to produce an impressive sound recording.

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Salt Studios Personnel

Peter Frawley

Peter Frawley

Peter has been involved in the music industry for over 35years, and since then, he has gained a wealth of experience across many sectors in the music industry. Peter’s skills include Studio and live recording, overseas touring, and event management. Peter Co-founded Salt Studios in 2001, and since 2005, Salt Studios has recorded and produced over 1500 live performances in different venues all over the world. These recordings also include the release of almost 40 instant live albums of many well known Australian and international artists. Peter manages Salt Studios and can help you with any enquiry that you have.

Alex Quayle

Alex Quayle

Alex joined our team in 2011, and in a short time, he has become the chief engineer at Salt. He has years of experience as both an engineer and as a recording musician. Alex’s current band “Slowly Slowly” are well represented on our National airwaves and the band tours regularly to play sold-out shows across Australia. Alex knows what it takes to make a great sound recording. He consistently produces quality content for our clients on time and to budget. Alex is easy to get along with, and clients love working with him.

Ross Caygill

Ross Caygill

Ross joined us in March of 2018 and has since then become an integral part of the Salt Studios team with his passion, unrelenting enthusiasm, and meticulous attention to detail. When you book a session with Ross, you know that you will be working in a comfortable, creative environment with an engineer that is ready to pour 100% of his time and energy into every aspect of your project. Ross works across all areas of the studios, including working with bands and artists as an engineer, producer, and session musician, to working with corporate clients and voiceover artists to bring life to podcasts and showreels.

Nat Pike

Nat Pike

Nat is a certified sound production trainer and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music (Sonic Arts). He has enjoyed working professionally as an electronic music producer and recording studio engineer for the past 15 years. Nat’s musical productions have been used in many films, television shows, and radio commercials with clients such as the Discovery Channel, Channel 7 (Aust.), and Haiku Games. He also has several instrumental electronic music tracks signed to the UK record label –  Future Pop a subsidiary of Sony BMG. Let Nat add the finishing touches to your next project.

Salt Studios Showreels

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