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Salt Studios - Vocal Sessions

Vocal Sessions

Our Studio is equipped with a range of vintage microphones and the latest software to produce the highest quality vocal recording. Our engineers have several years of experience working with a variety of vocalists. You can book a 1, 3 or 5 hours session with us – this session is ideal for vocal touch-ups, Hip Hop artists working with backing tracks or beats, Singers, Songwriters and Vocalists singing over backing tracks for a demo or final product.

Salt Studios - Solo / Duo / Band


Salt Studios has been recording musicians and bands for years. In that time we have recorded numerous albums, singles and EP’s that upon their release achieved high rotation radio airplay and chart success. We have a team of talented engineers who understand the latest trends in music and audio production. Our studio has all the gear you need, and provides a relaxed and comfortable environment where musicians can be creative.

Salt Studios - Overdubs


These days, so many projects are recorded in multiple studios. It’s not often that just one Studio produces an entire recording. Musicians also have access to effective and productive home studios, but there are still limitations to producing quality sounds. Our Studio is a great place with great gear for all kinds of recordings such as drums, bass, electric guitars, and vocals. Record what you need to, and take the files away.

Salt Studios - Editing & Mixing

Editing & Mixing

Editing and mixing is the final stage in making a good recording sound great. We will bring your recordings to life and output your mixes at a Broadcast level ready for distribution. As a rule, half of a project’s time is spent on recording and a half on editing and mixing. 1, 3, 5 or 8-hour sessions are available to complete your recording. This also applies to mix touch-ups, re-edits, and bouncing out stems.

Salt Studios - Demos


Demos are a way to approximate musicians’ ideas to pass along to record labels, producers or to other artists. Cover Bands also need demo recordings to update their repertoire and to get work. Our Demo Deal package provides you with 2 – 8hr back to back days in the Studio with an engineer, allowing plenty of time for tracking, overdubbing and mixing. Walk away with a finished product ready to go.

Salt Studios - EPs


Recording Artists are now capitalising on how important, yet relatively easy it is to record an EP and maintain a flow of content to their fans. We believe it’s essential for artists to be recording EP’s to develop their songwriting skills and become more familiar with the studio process. Our engineers have worked on countless EP’s over the years, and we have put together a 5-days package that simplifies the whole process.


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