If you would like to use any of our backline equipment, please specify what you would like to be made available as our backline equipment is not kept on-site

Brand Model
Guitar Amps
Marshall 1974 Super Bass (w/ Plexi Mod) 50w
Marshall JCM-2000 DSL 100w
Roland JC-160 160w Combo (4×10″)
Hiwatt Hi-Gain 100w
Matchless Pheonix Combo 35w (2×12″)
Vox AC15CC1 Combo 15w (1×12″)
Vox AC30CC2 Combo 30w (2×12″)
Lucas Miles JTM45 30w
Orange 4×12″ Slant Cab (w/ Vintage 30s)
Orange 4×12″ Straight Cab (w/ Scumbacks and Vintage 30s)
Marshall 4×12″ Clant Cab 1960A
Gretsch Catalina Club (18″ Kick, with 12″ and 14″ toms)
Ludwig Acrolite
Pearl Sensatone (Brass)
Pearl Steel 8″ Deep
Zildjian Constantinople 20″ Ride
Zildjian K Custom 14″ Hi Hats
Bosphorous Black Pearl 20″ Ride