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Your podcast needs to be engaging, entertaining while also sounding professional. Salt Studios has been leading the way in podcast production for many years, and you can record, edit, and mix your podcasts at our Studio in Melbourne. Alternatively, you can record them remotely on your device and send us the audio for producing. We can also arrange for Voiceover talent to record intros, outros, and sponsor stings, giving your podcasts that professional sounding edge.



The demand for audiobook recording has never been greater than what it is right now. Subscription based streaming platforms such as Amazon’s Audible, Apple Books and Google Audiobooks make it easy for consumers to access popular book titles anywhere and on any device. Salt Studios has recorded and produced countless Audiobooks over the years. Our engineers have the experience and expertise to produce broadcast files that are ready for uploading to any streaming service.
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Salt Studios is the ideal space to record your next relaxation recording. Located in Melbourne’s bayside area, our Studio is easy to access and deadly quiet. Our engineers have years of experience and equipped with the know-how to capture the genuine emotion in your performance. After recording, we edit, mix, and master your recording to a broadcast level and provide you with converted files that are ready for uploading. Our recordings are streamed and downloaded from some of the world’s most popular relaxation websites and apps.


Podcast Showreel

AV Production

Salt Studios - Location Recording

Location Recording

Salt Studios has a long history in location recording. From recording multi-track performances of bands in venues all over the world, to film set audio capture for TV ads and short films. Some of our other services provided include location podcast recording, as well as audio captures of live presentations, and educational resource creation. We understand the importance of getting a live recording right. We’ve been doing it for years, and we are your go-to expert in location recording.

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Salt Studios - Post Production

Post Production

Need a studio that can handle your entire project? Our Studio B + C are purpose-built production suites that house a collection of high-end  AV post-production tools. These include Adobe Premiere Pro and After FX for video editing and Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, and Studio One for audio. Our engineers will work closely with you to put the finishing touches on your work and create content that stands out from the rest.

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Salt Studios - Video Production

Video Production

At Salt, we specialise in audio production, so, to provide our clients with a full turnkey project solution, we outsource the art of video production. We collaborate with several professional video production companies and producers; together, we create content to a standard that is expected in this multimedia-driven age. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss video production options for your next project today.

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