Recording – Editing – Output for Broadcast

Salt Studios is the ideal place to record your next voiceover. We provide our services to anyone interested in professional sounding voiceover. Our facility is easy to access and has a relaxed and creative feel. Our engineers are experienced and easy to work with. We have worked with clients from all over Australia, as well as clients from New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Asia. Our Studios are connected to a high speed dedicated internet line, and we can connect to other studios using Source Connect.

Voiceover - Recording


There’s an art to recording voiceover properly. It starts with the right engineer, a comfortable and dead acoustic space, and the best gear available. Our Studio has everything you need, and consistently produces high-end recordings that are used in projects right across Australia and all over the world, from Hollywood movies to major radio, TV, and web advertising campaigns.

Voiceover - Editing & Mixing

Editing & Mixing

A magical performance means nothing if it isn’t edited and mixed well. After completing the recording process, our engineers go to work on making your recording sound great, from de-breathing to volume automation, adding compression, EQ, effects and more. Final audio files are delivered in the required file format at industry-standard broadcast level, ready for distribution.

Voiceover - Talent


Do you have the right voice for the job? If not, speak to us about hiring the right talent for you. We work with Australia’s most reputable talent agencies and can assist you in finding the right voice for your project. We also have a small roster of both Male and Female talent that you can book through us. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your next project’s voiceover needs.


Voiceover Showreel

Voiceover Artist Showreels

Are you looking to become a Voiceover Artist? If so, you’ll need a great sounding showreel to get started. Not sure where to get all the scripts and music? Don’t worry! We have everything you need. We have hundreds of scripts available for you to read, from hard-sell advertising jingles to corporate reads and documentary narration.

After the session, you will receive two versions of your showreel – one being a full-length edit, and the other, a 90-sec showreel cut.


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